3-2-1 BABY BULGE BE GONE INSTRUCTOR by Ramona Braganza


When Hollywoods stars like Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, and Jessica Alba need to get back in shape after having a baby, they call no other than Ramona Braganza trainer to the stars. However, this is no trendy or controversial baby weight loss program, and Ramona's 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone system is even being used in hospitals throughout India with its highly effective yet gentler focus on the issues of being a new mother. 


Post baby weight loss is an ever growing market as more and more women are looking to lose the pounds, and get toned up again, yet they also are demanding safe and effective methods, not strict diets and intense injury promoting methods. This is where Ramona's 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone system is perfect for anyone looking to help new mothers lose the weight, get back her energy, and feel great again. 

  • Individuals looking to work with new moms.

  • Individuals who want to focus on the ever growing post natal community.

  • Individuals who want to learn more about safe training for clients, future clients, or for themselves.

  • Individual looking to start a post natal small group training program in their studio. 


tIFA makes it very easy to get certified as a 321 BBBG Instructor


To get certified in 321 Training Method Baby Bulge Be Gone by Ramona Braganza Instructor is simple.

The 321 Training Method BBBG instructors course will have 4 main components. 

  • 1 PDF eManual to download and study.

  • Attend the 1 full day 321 Training Method course.

  • Pass the Theory Test to be written in class (75%)

  • Pass the 2 Practical Tests which will be completed during your live course. Group Exam and Solo Skills Exam. 

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