It's been said you are the sum of the people you hang out with. Well, if that's true, then with tIFA you are in VERY good company.


We have the best Advisory Board you will find in any fitness and wellness school anywhere in the world. Stretching from Tronto to Hong Kong, to Australia and Vietnam, and everywhere in-between, you are in good company.

The tIFA has a highly educated and professional group of Advisory Board members who bring their vast amounts of fitness and wellness industry experience and knowledge to the tIFA and our students. Advisory Board members are selected for their individual, professional expertise in specific areas of their respective practices/specialties, as they relate to purpose, mission and activities of the tIFA in the field of health and fitness. Members represent expertise in the fields of Exercise Physiology, Physical Education, Medicine, Sports Coaching, and professional Lifestyles and Nutrition Consulting/Coaching, and professional martial arts/MMA.  The tIFA is committed to enhancing current fitness certification standards by providing access to a convenient, comprehensive, yet practical and affordable fitness education. The advisory board provides feedback, input, cooperation and advice to the Governing Board on topics of workshops, courses, and CEC materials.