The MÜV Specialist course is a cutting edge course that will help you set up your clients for ultimate and long term success.


Many people mistakenly believe that exercise is the key to health, but studies from all over the world have proven it's not, movement is the real key, daily movement, position changes, level changes, multi movements through all the planes, and lots of it. In other words the concept of NEAT. Now in this course we will discover how to help your clients move more, from morning FLOs, barefoot lifestyle, eating / social / relaxation habits, to getting to work, hacks to improve daily movement, movement apparel, what they do at work, how they hold meetings, heck even optimal poopin' will be discussed.

We will also discover ways to set up the home and office for maximum moving, 

discover which countries do this bast, and how they do it (as well as who does it worst), and find out if 10,000 steps has any real merit.


The NAFC Certified Personal Training program is for anybody looking to begin a career in the fitness industry dealing with clients on a one to one basis, or for anybody looking to discover for themselves the most up to date, and comprehensive fitness knowledge to help with their own exercise programs, or to share with friends and family. Many gyms, fitness centres, and community centres demand an internationally recognised fitness certification to work within them, and the NAFC is an excellent starting resource. 

  • Individuals looking to start a career within the fitness industry.

  • Individuals looking to increase their own knowledge of exercise and training.

  • Individuals looking to become credible within the fitness industry.

  • Individuals looking to earn more $ either full time or part time.

"We tend to think exercise is such an important component to longevity, but exercise has been an unmitigated public health failure"

- Dan Buttoner, BlueZone



The tIFA makes it very easy to get certified as an NAFC Personal Trainer.


At the tIFA we offer the NAFC Personal Trainer Certification course as a mix of at-home study & live intensive 24 hour practical workshop (usually as a 3 day weekend course, F/S/Su).


All your materials, and graduating certificate, will be delivered as high-resolution PDF's, and all theory testing will be done on-line as well (web cam required)


In our exclusive live intensive workshop you will discover and practice many of the much needed gym floor skills of the modern fitness trainer including; learning exercises, measuring blood pressure and heart rates, program design, warm-ups and cool-downs, small group control, coaching cues, and much more.

The NAFC Personal Trainer Certification course will have 3 main components. 

  • 3 PDF eManuals to download and study.

  • One online theory test for each course manual (3 theory tests in total). 

  • A Practical Test which will be completed on the last day of your live workshop.