tIFA offers 3 ways to level up your skills and career​.

1. Independent Courses

For students looking to just take a single course, such as the NAFC Personal Trainer Certification, or Feng Shui For Health Pros course can register for a single course(s). Most independent courses are either 1 or 2 days in duration. The NAFC Personal Training Certification, or the NAFC Group Fitness Instructor courses are offered typically as 3 day intensive courses (there is at home reading required before hand). You must register no later than 1 week before the course starts to receive all PDF reading materials. There are Early Bird rates for students who register at least 3 weeks before the course start date. 

See Independent Courses under the schedule tab for dates and costs.

2. Full WHOLEFit Pro Diploma Program

This course last for approximately 3 months. Classes are held from 10am - 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please visit the Diploma Schedule for the complete class listings. Students must attend all classes. If a student needs to miss a day, they must speak to tIFA at least 2 weeks before the class missed. 


Students graduating the WHOLEFIT Pro program will graduate with the NAFC Personal Trainer Certification, as well as a number of high in demand skills.

Students entering the Full WHOLEFit Pro Program MUST register at least 2 weeks before the first day of classes. Late registrations will not be allowed. 

3. Guest Workshops

tIFA offers guest workshops by valued members of our International Pro Advisory Team. Please see the Workshops tab for workshop selections, dates and costs. Most Guest Workshops are single day, but some may be 2 consecutive days.

Early Bird registration rates end 14 days before any Guest Workshop. A 20% late fee is applied to all "day before" and walk-in registrations ontop of the regular registration rate. 


All HealthPro, FitPro and NAFC courses and Full Diploma Program are held at the tIFA Educational Center located inside the TBA


Guest Workshops may be held in various locations suited to their topics and are detailed in the Workshops tab

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