At tIFA we have set out to develop the best "WHOLEistic" health trainers, group fitness instructors, and coaches possible. But beyond that we want to help develop motivators, inspirators (yes, we made that word up), and goal achievers! The tIFA team is combined of only the best, world class master trainers, and our Advisory Team is second to none! And we did this for one reason, provide the BEST education on the planet earth, bar NONE. 


While the thrive International Fitness Academy came to fruition in only 2016, and is considered "new", its roots and design stretch back over 10 years. Developed to educate and prepare its students for long and lustrous careers as Personal Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors, Lifestyle Consultants, and Wellness Consultants. 

The world of health and fitness is changing, and until now no fitness certification educators have caught up. They have still been providing the bare basics to train students basically how to "work in a corporate gym". Assuming that everyone wants to just be a corporate slave. But thrive has changed that model. We know high achievers and lovers of fitness and change like you want more in your fitness education. You want the skills to be your own boss, set you own hours, create your own pay, and be your own boss, and our complete modern fitness diploma courses and independent courses offer just this.  

The tIFA was established by "Wellness Architect" and Functional Lifestylist Ror Alexander, along with our team of high skilled, and selected individuals, all of who are the best within their given realms of expertise. From high level athletes, to professional coaches, science based individuals, and new holistic practitioners. 

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The NAFC is proud of our certified instructors. We congratulate the 95% of students who pass our certification process and move forward in achieving their goals as successful fitness professionals! Together we enjoy this high success rate because the NAFC provides you with thorough, in-depth training to prepare you for success before testing. NAFC certification prepares and supports you to thrive, both in your education and professional career. 








At tIFA we believe that there are 3 Spheres of Optimal Health, the Internal (gut health and nutrition), The Interaction (our movement and actions) between the internal and external. The External (our environment). This is why we have elements of all 3. While our focus is on the Interaction sphere, we cannot ignore the other 2 in good conscience if our goal is to help ourselves and clients to the best of our abilities.