Before we discuss why you should choose us. We need to ask you:


Why do you want a career in health & fitness?


Are you looking to make a quick buck? We're not for you.

Looking to be the "cool guy or girl in the gym?", then again, we are not for you.


Think that fitness and health is a great way to get on TV and become famous? It's not, and we're not for you.


Do you think that all the answers to long term health is simply "do more HIIT and eat chicken breast n' broccoli"? Then we're probably not for you either...

So then, who are we for?


We are for people who want a LONG lasting career.

We are for students who want the FULL PICTURE of health and fitness.

We are for students who want to be the HIGHEST educated and skilled professionals in the health & fitness industry.

We are for students who are open minded to see that real health as more than just "squats n' kale smoothie bowls".

Does this sound more like you?


Perfect. Then WE ARE FOR YOU.

Our education is far reaching, the most cutting edge, and thought provoking modern health & fitness program offered on the planet. Period.

Just look at the others out there? What do they offer? Weekend exercise certifications and a few pages on basic nutrition and a bit of random lifestyle consulting if you're lucky.... That's it.


Basic. Boring. Uninspired. Unappealing.

Now look at us. 


Yes we offer fitness certifications with the very excellent NAFC, but we also discuss so much more with novel and thought provoking concepts and workshops.

And finally, we have a Super Team!


We have the absolute best Master Trainer Teams and Advisory Board anywhere! Podcasters. Top coaches & trainers. Global health gurus. Leading wellness consultants. Top level athletes. Not to mention the plethora of special workshops, talks and seminars by leading professionals. Again, no one else has this doing health education today.

At tIFA, we have set out to raise the bar above anything else offered on earth. Feel free to look at the others, but we can promise you will be back.


thrive International Fitness Academy master trainers conduct courses, workshops and certifications all over the world. We believe that you should have the ability to do this is that what you want, and we can help you do it! Whether you want to help people in your home town, teach in exotic locations like Bali, or even use the whole planet as your studio, tIFA can and will help you earn the tools make that happen.

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