Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese environmental focused architecture and home design methodology based on the 6,000 year old Indian Vaastu (a sister science to Ayurveda & Yoga). Throughout all civilisations and human history (until only about 100 years ago) humans lived in much more tune with our environments. Now we have forgotten. However, modern Feng Shui principles are now being called "a cure to our growing chronic health issues", from air quality to mood issues, discover how Feng Shui can help bring back balance and improve you and your clients lives. 


Fitness professionals looking for something that will separate them from the rest of the trainers and coaches out there, yet with solid functional backgrounds in psychology, visual arts, functional health, environmental sciences, and social sciences. 

  • Individuals looking to develop an eastern mindset towards health.

  • Individuals who understand there is more to health than calories and squats.

  • Individuals looking to add elements of modern environmental Feng Shui to their consultations and training programs.

  • Individuals with an interest in ancient Nature arts/sciences and traditional/alternative medicines.  

  • Individuals with an interest in how colour, light, layout, organization, odour, sound, and air flow (qi) can affect our health in many levels. 


The CISF makes it very easy to get certified as an NAFC Personal Trainer.


At the CISF we offer the NAFC Personal Trainer Certification course as a mix of at-home study & live intensive 24 hour practical workshop (usually as a 3 day weekend course, F/S/Su).


All your materials, and graduating certificate, will be delivered as high-resolution PDF's, and all theory testing will be done on-line as well (web cam required)


In our exclusive live intensive workshop you will discover and practice many of the much needed gym floor skills of the modern fitness trainer including; learning exercises, measuring blood pressure and heart rates, program design, warm-ups and cool-downs, small group control, coaching cues, and much more.

The NAFC Personal Trainer Certification course will have 3 main components. 

  • 3 PDF eManuals to download and study.

  • One online theory test for each course manual (3 theory tests in total). 

  • A Practical Test which will be completed on the last day of your live workshop.

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