The thrive Academy Specialist  H.I.I.T. Fit course is for anyone looking to bring the high intensity action of HIIT to their gym, studio or clients. However, it is much more than just that! Using our 3 H.I.I.T. system, you will learn how to create dynamic, and results driven H.I.I.T. classes using the scientifically proven strength & conditioning systems used for athletic performance training! Bring the excitement of our 3 styles of H.I.I.T. home with you.


- Discover the 3 H.I.I.T. styles

- Learn which exercise deliver the best results

- How to use eccentrics, isometrics and plyometrics in your H.I.I.T. classes.

- Discover the secrets to keeping clients in your H.I.I.T. classes for years, not months or weeks!

- Set up your H.I.I.T. classes for MAXIMUM results. 

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