Get fit & HIIT without getting hit! Yo, let's KickHIIT!


Fitness Kickboxing and boxing is one of the most popular cardio and core training programs and classes, from Canada to Thailand, to Brazil to the Philippines, everyone (and especially the ladies) love striking the bags and mitts! Now we make it easier than ever to get the benefits of boxing and kickboxing to your clients or community with the ever popular KickHIIT Instructor level 1 certification!


The KickHIIT instructors course will take you through many aspects of fitness striking. A high impact (yet safe) style of exercise with huge returns, KickHIIT is spreading quickly around the world. Add some pumping tunes and an energetic, professional instructor, and you will have the recipe for packed group training classes and client schedule. 

  • Individuals looking to host popular KickHIIT classes. 

  • Individuals looking to discover how fitness kickboxing can benefit their one on one or small group clients.

  • Individuals looking to differentiate themselves in a packed fitness industry.

  • Discover foundational striking, exercises and drills for both one on one, and group training. 

  • Simple to use system with our exclusive 30 and 50 min KickHIIT classes.


The tIFA makes it very easy to get certified as a KickHIIT Instructor


To get certified in the fast growing fitness trend of fitness kickboxing with our exclusive KickHIIT Instructors L1 certification is simple.

The thrive KickHIIT course will have 4 main components. 

  • 1 PDF eManual to download and study.

  • Attend the 1 full day KickHIIT course.

  • Pass the Theory Test to be written in class (75%)

  • Pass the 2 Practical Tests which will be completed during your live course, group exam and solo skills exam. 


Master trainer Murray Sogen is a former professional MMA fighter, Canadian west coast champion, and current conditioning and strength coach based in Thailand. he is also the former head fitness coach for the Fairtex Muay Thai and MMA team. 

Murray is the founder and head coach at the very popular CrossFit Pattaya / METCOn Pattaya and the Jungle Gym. As well as formerly head coach in Canada at Tactix MMA & CrossFit. He is also a sponsored UnderArmour Coach in Thailand. His KickHIIT classes are always full, and a large part of his personal and business success.

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