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Powerlifting is becoming the go to sport in fitness circles, and mastering the 3 powerlifts of The Bench, Back Squat and Deadlifts (standard and sumo) are the keys to building maximum strength and improving over all functional strength, as well as getting jacked of course! Now with our Loaded! Powerlifting Foundations course you will learn to master these 3 lifts as well as some very key accessory exercises to make them even better. 


The Loaded: Powerlifting Foundations course is for coaches and trainers looking to boost their knowledge of the 3 primary Powerlifting lifts and their accessory lifts, as well as programming to improve them.   

  • Individuals looking to boost their career within the fitness industry.

  • Individuals looking to increase their own knowledge of exercise and training.

  • Individuals looking to work with athletes and coaching WODs better. 

  • Individuals looking to earn more $ either full time or part time.


The tIFA makes it very easy to get educated!


At the CISF we offer the Loaded: Powerlifting course as a 1 day live practical course,


All your materials, and graduating certificate, will be delivered as printed materials.


In our exclusive live course you will discover and practice many of the much needed gym floor skills of powerlifting including; the 3 key exercises, accessory lifts, program design, pro warm-ups and cool-downs, small group control, coaching cues, and much more.

The Loaded: Powerlifting Foundations course will have 4 main components. 

  • 1 manual to read over at course (given day of course)

  • Attend the full day Loaded: Powerlifting Foundations course. 

  • One Theory Test. 

  • A Practical Test which will be completed at the course. 

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