"We should be percieved as the doctors of preventative medicine" - Ror Alexander, tIFA founder


Ror Alexander, tIFA founder, standing high above the mega city / country of Hong Kong. 

First off, let me give you a HUGE thank you for checking out tIFA. This school is a long time dream come true. It was over 10 years ago now that I got involved in health & fitness education after about 7 years of personal training before that!

With my experience, I was able to travel the world doing what I love; training clients, teaching people how to change their lives for the better and sharing that information with students all over the world, through Pro courses, public workshops, and my popular tHealth By Design podcasts; from Toronto, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bali, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Phuket, China, Kuala Lumpur, Myanmar, Singapore and many more, I have seen and discovered so much that I can't wait to share with you! (See bottom of page). 

However. During my world travels one thing never changed....


Personal Fitness Education. It has always been considered low, unprofessional, and to be 100% honest a bit of a joke all over the world...

But this is NOT how it should be! We should be percieved as 'the doctors of preventative medicine'. We should be respected as health leaders, not the 2 bit con artists, or 'not a real career' that we have become seen as in the eyes of many people.

This is where tIFA enters. My goal is to take fitness education not up by 1X or 2X, but by 10X, or even 20X over what's out there now.


Why? Because the fact is the world is in terrible shape! Obesity and chronic disease has over taken the planet. 33% of the PLANET is overweight. 60% of Canadians are overweight or obese. Cancer is Canada's #1 killer, and 50% of us WILL be affected by it! Heart disease kills thousands of Americans DAILY, and even countries throughout Asia are not immune to these effects. Diabetes in China has been quoted as " being a problem so big, it could take down the Chinese healthcare system" with 109 million type 2 diabetes patients. Breast Cancer in women is 500% higher in the Philippines then the next closest ranked country, and Malaysia is the fattest and laziest country in Asia. We are estimated to spend 1.2 TRILLION US dollars, yes I said TRILLION, globally on just TREATING these diseases, when we could be and should be preventing them!

But how do we do it? Simple. Education. And discussing new ideas in wellness. I think we can agree the standard methods are not working. We need to earn respect. Improve our skills! Take a wide range of dynamic and unique courses teaching vast ranges of topics; from holistic wellness, to lifting heavy ass stones, from ancient traditional Yogas, to modern crossed-fitness and everything in-between, even teaching clients to just take a simple daily walk can mean the difference.


In other words... thrive International Fitness Academy

When you join us, and in turn our international fitness foundation partners the NAFC, you truly are on your way to becoming a professional. 

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My career has taken me all over the world; from Toronto to Vancouver, Hong Kong, to Indonesia, Taipei to Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, India, Malaysia and beyond. I have worked with celebrities, TV / film stars, models, and some of the worlds most elite coaches and wellness consultants. Please take a peek below, and believe me, if I can do it, so can you! I can 100% promise you this, I know what you need if you want to be a standout modern international health & fitness professional. 

Meditation & Yoga in India
Meditation & Yoga in India

Thai Yoga Training in Thailand
Thai Yoga Training in Thailand


Meditation & Yoga in India
Meditation & Yoga in India