Whether you're a Spartan, Warrior, Mudder or Ninja, OCR is taking over!

Why are Obstacle Course Races becoming more popular each day around the globe? Some say it cause we are bored of the typical gyms. Others say it's an instinctual way of getting back to our need to be connected to the earth, the dirt, nature, gut healthy soil micro-bacterias, the sun, and water. Others say "ok whatever, it's just damn fun!". No matter the reason, you can now be A LOT better at them!


Many trainers and coaches believe that programs like CrossFit, METCON, Orange Theory, H.I.I.T. or even just old school marathon programs prepare you well enough for OCR's.  They don't!


While each of those have some aspects that will help, they are FAR from perfect. Now, you can have perfect. Our OCR Coaching course will cover all aspects of OCR racing and prepare you for the exact demands you will encounter during the course. From team work to solo, climbing to crawling, carries to lifts, OCR Coaching just makes you better. Period. 

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