Is it time to get your bounce on? Then Power Rebounder is for you!


Rebounding is NOT a gimmick, in fact it is NASA (yes the space guys NASA) that brought these amazing, yet simple fitness devices and training to the forefront of scientific research. From helping get thee heart rate up, to helping move lymphatic fluid through the body, Rebounding has many health benefits. Even leading health & fitness pros like Shawn Stevenson of the #1 iTunes health podcast The Model Health Podcast talks about his love of the little trampoline.


The NAFC Power Rebounder course will take you through many aspects of rebounding. A low impact style of exercise with high value returns, Power Rebounding is spreading quickly around the world. Add some music and an energetic professional instructor, and you will have packed group training classes. 

  • Individuals looking to hold popular Rebound classes. 

  • Individuals looking to discover how Power Rebounding can benefit their clients.

  • Individuals looking to differentiate themselves in a packed group fitness industry.

  • Discover scaling Power Rebounding for one on one, and group training. 


The tIFA makes it very easy to get certified as an NAFC Rebound Instructor.


At tIFA we offer the NAFC Power Rebounder Instructor Certification course as a mix of at-home study & live intensive 14 hour practical workshop (usually as a 2 day weekend course, S/Su).


All your materials, and graduating certificate, will be delivered as high-resolution PDF's, and all theory testing will be done on-line as well (web cam required).


In our exclusive live intensive workshop you will discover and practice many of complete Power Rebounder exercise and drills program including all the movements for warm ups, cool downs and Power Rebounder courses.   

The NAFC Power Rebounder Certification course will have 5 main components. 

  • 1 PDF eManual to download and study.

  • Watch the complete Power Rebounder HD video series.

  • Complete 1 online Theory Test.

  • 1 Practical Test which will be completed on the last day of your live workshop.

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