Resistance Training is quickly becoming the most needed specialty focus of professional training for ANY fitness or health professional, including personal trainers, coaches, group fitness instructors, and CrossFit box coaches. 


Now in this course you can learn to master the many aspects of Resistance Training with programming, exercises and disciplines across many of the weight training domains.

Body Building - Cross Training - Powerlifting - Olympic Lifting - Sports Strength - Special Strength - Body Weight - Kettlebells - Med Balls  Bands and more.


- Improve your training capability with Barbell, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Med Balls and Bands.

- Master the 4 Ways to Build Muscle

- Discover the power of Variable Resistance Training

- Discover the best Special Strength Exercises for developing power, max strength and conditioning used by only the BEST professional athlete and sport coaches.

- Master the Foundational Strength Lifts.

- Discover Dynamic Accessory Lifts to strengthen the body in all planes

- Master the professional Warmup Programs used by the top American sport & pro athlete coaches. 

- Discover the best professional Team Warmup used by pro athletes to develop power and reaction speed including the Fairtex Muay Thai & MMA World Fight Team.

- Build power with Special Skills

- Master the Triple Extension for power

- Develop Explosive Rotational Power

- Increase Speed & Power.

- Discover how to improve on the Bench Press, Deadlifts, Squat Positions, Presses, and Back Pulls

- Build Your Pulling Power for strong back

- Build a bulletproof core with Advanced Core 360 Training

- Master tools like chains, bands and fat grips for added muscle and strength.

- Discover the benefits of “Imperfect Strength Training"

- Know when to properly use Isometrics, Eccentrics and Concentric's for ultimate athletic development.

- Discover the foundations of a wide range of strength programs.

- Master the Components of Exercise Programming to get the best result from your training, and your clients results. 

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