RESISTANCE TRAINING is becoming the worlds fastest growing fitness and medical recommendation, and gym members, clients and athletes want HIGGHLY educated fitness professionals who know a lot about the many aspects of resistance and weight training.

This course will halp you begin to master the many needed skills of the best trainers and coaches globally. Barbells - Dumbbells - Kettlebells - Bands - Bodyweight - Med Balls. Power - Strength - Mobility - Coordination. 


- Exercises from Powerlifting, Body Building, Sports Specific, Weight Training, Calisthenics, and more.

- Discover the Best Professional American Coach Warmups.

- Discover the Best Team Warmup used by even the world famous Fighter Muaythai & MMA Fight Team from Thailand

- Master the 4 Ways of Building Muscle.

- Discover secrets 'Special Strength’ exercises.

- Master exercises to improve all the Planes of Human Motion.

- Discover key Accessory Exercises to boost athletic performance and strength.

- Master the many Unknown Strength Tools including bands, chains, and Fat Bar.

- Discover the secrets of Variable Resistance Training.

- Discover ‘Imperfect Training'

- Discover many of the worlds top programs to develop power and strength.

- Discover Block Programming Principles. 

- Master the Components Of Exercise in programming for the best results.

- Discover The Best Exercises for Body Transformations used by many of Hollywoods Top Action & Superhero Actors. 

- Discover the ways Genetics can affect muscle gain, and injuries. 

- Master the Lift Phases, including Isometric's, Eccentric's and Concentric’s for the ultimate athletic performance. Including our Tri/X System.

- And much more...


Course Includes

Student eManual

* Some locations may get a hard A5 copy