Want to take a course or workshop with someone else but not sure if you will get CEC's for it! Don't worry! Both NAFC and tIFA know that modern fitness professionals like you have a ton of interests, we believe heavily in education and we want to help you learn all you can!

CEC stands for Continuing Educational Credits and many professional careers require these including medical, architecture, engineers and of course professional fitness trainers and instructors. CEC’s encourage us to keep learning to ensure we provide the best for our clients and gym members. 

The NAFC accepts courses approved for CEC's with most of the professional national and international fitness certifications! We don't make it difficult for you to stay certified, and we definitely don't want to get in your way when you want to improve your education and your client results! From ACE to AFAA, canfitpro, to ISSA, and even CrossFit Speciality courses (I don't think anyone else on earth does this!).

We know many other certification bodies are very particular about getting your CEC's only through them, or their small list of approved suppliers (and yes, quite often there is some back door deals going on and commissions changing hands), but not with NAFC or tIFA!


We accept CEC's from all the organisations listed below. All you need to do is send in your petition form and a $25 processing fee. 

NAFC (in Canada) and tIFA only want the best for you and your education.


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