What can be more functional than picking up some heavy a$$, oddly shaped, junk yard scrap objects? Well if it's good enough for the biggest and strongest people in the world, it's good enough for us!

With Strongman Foundations you will discover all the top skills required by strongman professionals around the world including the world famous Atlas Stones (learn to lift with a rounded back, oh yeah, we went there!), The Crucifix Hold, The Axle Press, Log Press, Circus Press as well as a number of core destroying (in the good way) single and double hand Loaded Carries. 

And the best part? We show you many ways to incorporate Strongman in any commercial gym settings. No special gyms required. 


You like CrossFit? Heavy a$$ lifting? Getting pumped, jacked and tan? Then trust us, YOU NEED Strongman. Or if you're looking for the best in real, and authentic functional fitness and proper movements patterns for picking up irregular objects safely, then this course is for you too.  

  • Individuals looking to boost their career within the fitness industry.

  • Individuals who want to add this unique kind of training with their clients

  • Coaches looking to improve WODs. 

  • Individuals looking to earn more $ either full time or part time.


The tIFA makes it very easy to get Strongman strong!


At tIFA we offer the Strongman Foundation course as a 2 day practical course with our elite Strongman professional coach and athlete. 


All your materials, and graduating certificate, will be delivered as a hard copy booklet and all testing will be done in course. 

The Strongman Foundations course will have 1 main component. 

  • 1 hard copy course packet delivered at the course.

  • Attend the complete course.

  • 1 Theory Test. 

  • A Practical Test which will be completed during your live workshop.

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