Introducing the next generation of Yoga Teacher Training: NAFC Yoga 200™. This course was especially designed to make the practice of yoga accessible to all.

The benefits of a consistent yoga practice have been well-established. Why then are people not practicing Yoga regularly? At CISF and NAFC, we understand that a key reason that students are reluctant to try a yoga class is due to yoga not being presented in a way that is accessible. CISF and NAFC's mission is to make yoga accessible to all by removing the fallacies, and adding the science. This course will also teach instructors how to use a common language, offer modifications and help students progress gradually and safely. Instructors can expect to gain a strong understanding of how and when to use props and tools to assist students in a wide variety of postures.


The NAFC Yoga 200TM certification course is for anyone looking to bring the benefits of yoga training to their clients, and studio or create dynamic and results based yoga classes. Our Yoga 200TM course takes a modern view of yoga from a more science based, fitness view, and we will use the correct terminology that educated, active based lifestyle clients and customers are looking for. 

  • Individuals looking to start a career within the yoga industry.

  • Individuals looking to increase their own knowledge of yoga training to either use on it's own or as part of their clients bigger fitness programming.

  • Individuals looking to travel the world as a yogi.

  • Individuals looking to offer yoga in their community.

  • Individuals wanting to add an additional either a full time or part time source of revenues.



The NAFC Yoga 200™ manual contains sample classes, a complete breakdown of each posture, an overview of the anatomy of yoga, and general philosophies of yoga practice. Upon completion of this course, instructors will gain a strong foundation, as well as the skills needed to create yoga classes which are accessible for all populations, including young and old and from experienced to beginner level yoga practitioners.

The Yoga 200 Teacher Certification course has the following components. 

  • PDF eManual to download and study.

  • Over 50 pose videos to perfect your skills, as well as high res images of each pose.

  • 6 Full length 60 minute Master Classes

  • One online theory based on manual.

  • A comprehensive Practical Test which will be completed on the last day of your 40 hours of live training.

  • 50 hours Practical Hours Log (in-class and teaching)



1. Can I get the needed liability insurance with NAFC?

Of course! We are partners with North America's biggest sport and fitness insurance provider, Sport & Fitness USA, and Sport & Fitness Canada. You are 100% eligible for insurance across Canada!

2. Is NAFC recognised anywhere and everywhere?

This is a common misconception when it comes to certifications. There is NO such thing as a globally recognised mandatory certification. Each gym or owner of a gym may or may not allow ANY certification they choose. However, NAFC operates in Canada, USA, Latin America, Mexico, and throughout most of Asia, including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, all SE Asia. We also have graduates working in gyms and studios all over the world. The most IMPORTANT things gyms look for is "do you have a professional, and international certification that is applicable for liability insurance?". Yes you will with NAFC!

3. How long has NAFC been around for?

They started in 1992, and have over 35,000 students 

4. How does working around the world work? 

That is a great question, and as our founder Ror Alexander has lived and trained people all over the world, we will let him answer.

"Hi, terrific question! Let me tell you first, it's AMAZING to get paid to travel! OK, well let's start with this. IF you say wanted to do a 1, 2 or maybe even 3 week retreat out of Canada, say on a tropical island, then your insurance would cover you for a temporary period (just make sure to tell them first). 

Now, let's say you want to travel the world, well it depends on the country or even the continent. Most of Asia for example is WAYYYY behind in fitness, they don't require ANY insurance! Often they don't even require certifications! Scary right?! 

If let's say you are moving to a European or UK country, then you will need to ask the gym where you work if they accept your certification, and each country has it's own rules on insurance, some slack, some strict".

5. How do I stay certified with NAFC?

Easy again. Like ALL good certifications, NAFC requires 2.7 CEC credits per every 2 years, and a membership renewal also every 2 years of $100 USD (only $50 per year). You will also need to do your CPR and AED annually. NOW HERE IS THE AWESOME PART! NAFC is very welcoming of CEC courses by other organisations. Besides other NAFC courses, or courses offered by NAFC partners like us at CISF, they also give CEC's for any courses recognised by canfitpro, ACE, ISSA, NASM, ASCM, NESTA, or AAFA.

*Please note, NAFC does NOT accept CEC courses from small provincial organisations such as BCRPA, only internationally accredited professional courses.